ComproDTV 4.57

Records, displays and navigates online TV
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Gain access to your favorite online TV channels, organize timeshifting, capture still frames of currently displayed content, customize color settings of brightness/saturation/contrast/hue/sharpness separately for each channel, etc. The utility also has recording and parallel playback options.

ComproDTV software features digital TV watching/recording, channel surfing, timeshifting, single/multiple still frames capture, customize color settings of brightness/saturation/contrast/hue/sharpness in each TV channel.
It also provides the advanced Picture In/Out Picture functions which allows users to watch live TV and playback video files at the same time. The Video Desktop function lets users to stream live TV shows as wallpaper and use other applications simultaneously. ComproDTV can simultaneously operate, viewing or recording, multiple Compro TV devices on the same machine, internal and external.

The DTV Add-In function makes the Media Center more powerful by integrating it with DTV 4.The schedule recording list from Windows Media Center can be integrated to ComproDTV for more an easier schedule recording control.

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